Impact of COVID19 on Shared Accommodation and The Pathway to Overcome Any Challenge

The COVID19 pandemic has brutally affected the whole world. If today the world is on its knees, the reason is COVID19. Still the threat of this lethal pandemic is on its peak across the world and nobody knows how long it is going to remain the same. This period may be the worst of this century and the worst experience of people. Today, every single person on the earth as well as every single industry, economy, the national infrastructure are badly affected by this incurable pandemic. The world seems helpless confronting the worst period of the century and nobody has an idea of how the world will be in the aftermath of the impact of this pandemic.

The COVID19 led the market down of many industries all over the world including travel & tourism, hotels & hospitality, accommodation & real estate, aviation, transportation, banking, and manufacturing industries. Today, all industries are fighting for survival but they do not have any idea when their fighting will end as nobody has any idea when the COVID19 will stop.

The accommodation industry is one of those industries which is brutally victimized by the impact of this global pandemic and lockdown. Since this pandemic started to transmit at the global level and lockdown announced by the different countries, the market for the accommodation industry increasingly got down. Where they had to manage extra accommodations for their customers after the maximum occupancy of accommodation, today they have been struggling even for a single customer. Most of the accommodations are closed due to the issued rules and regulations by the nationals’ governments. This is how COVID19 badly affected the accommodation industry.

Impact of COVID19 on Shared Accommodation

Shared accommodation or flatshare generally referred to two or more people living in the same accommodation or flat together. Usually, all persons living in shared accommodation get their separate bedroom, kitchen, washroom, bathroom, and communal space. This means they live under the same roof but they do not share their rooms with each other. People often choose shared accommodation for financial purposes. Shared accommodation is always cheaper than other types of accommodation as in this case rent is shared among all persons who live in a shared flat. Mostly, a group of friends, families, and people with business purposes live in shared accommodation.

Like other big industries, shared accommodation is badly affected by COVID19. Unlike the days before COVID19, when shared accommodation used to have a high occupancy ratio, today the situation is absolutely opposite. Nobody wants to rent shared accommodation for a certain period due to the threat of global pandemic rather prefer to rent a single accommodation for a single person. People are afraid of getting in contact with other people as the COVID19 badly impacts the minds of people. And this is why the market for shared accommodation is very down these days.

Loss in Shared Accommodation Industry

Not only the shared accommodation industry but most of the industries are in a huge loss due to the impact of the Corona outbreak. The COVID19 led the nationals’ governments to announce national lockdown to prevent the transmission of the global pandemic and this led all the industries in a huge loss. The United States is the most affected country across the world by the lethal pandemic and the shared accommodation industry in the United States at its lowest level of all time. Some leads they generate these days are all because of ongoing construction works. The contractors, engineers, and workers especially look for accommodation. Apart from this, no hustle and bustle and no customers.

According to the news reports, shared accommodations providers are at a huge loss due to the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak. Their business is at the lowest level of all time. Most of the rental shared accommodations remained closed during the initial stage of Coronavirus outbreak and still some accommodation providers did not open the doors of their accommodation properties especially in most infected areas. Today, after the two months of the Corona outbreak, still the situation is very bad and thus nobody has any idea when the market will return on its line and pace.

The Pathway to Recovery

The pathway to recovery is seeming very difficult due to the uncertainty of the period of the Coronavirus outbreak. Nobody has the answer to how long COVID19 will remain the same and how long it will affect the world. For this moment, we cannot say anything about the recovery but just can’t wait for the COVID19-free world and prepare for challenges. The pathway of recovery will depend on a few things that are me mentioned below:

The regulation of new rules and policies for a COVID19- free country.
The discovery of COVID19 therapeutic vaccine
Behavioral changes in people
The acceptance of group gathering
Activation of the travel & tourism industry

These are a few factors that matter a lot to prepare the pathway of recovery for the shared accommodation industry. Until these do not come into the picture, the struggle and fight for the survival of the accommodation industry will continue the same way.

For the accommodation industry and all other industries which are in huge loss due to the coronavirus outbreak, it is actually the time to think out of the box and prepare some strategies to overcome any futuristic challenges.

How Self Catering Accommodation Can Help to Overcome the Situation?

Self-catering accommodation can actually become a solution to overcome any futuristic challenges for the accommodation industry. It will really be the best strategy to recover losses and get on the line again.

Self Catering Accommodation

Basically, the self-catering accommodation service allows people to live in the way they want. It is like a home where people can cook food on their own. They do not need to order daily food, hire tiffin service, and pay the accommodation owner for the food. In simple words, it does not include foods. It offers the freedom to people whenever they want to eat, they can cook and eat, whenever they want to go outside, they can go, and whenever they want their family and friends in their accommodation, they can have them. It provides a private space for people. On the other hand, it is more budget-friendly than other accommodations. This is why people prefer self-catering accommodation if they want to cook food on their own.

How Self Catering Accommodation Will Help to Recover From Losses

Self-catering accommodation means completely personal. So, there is almost a 0% chance of COVID19 transmission. It is safe and completely private for people. They can live in comfort like a home in self-catering accommodation. When the world will be almost COVID19-free, the people will highly prefer to stay in self-catering accommodations as living in these types of accommodation means to avoid the outside food that can transmit COVID19, avoid touch, and air transmission, and avoid group gatherings. So, the accommodation industry will be focussed on maximizing self-catering accommodations in their accommodation properties as this will be the best strategy to overcome the losses.

Once the world will be the same as the before COVID19 world, the people will start to stay at accommodations. But most people will prefer to stay in self-catering accommodations due to behavioral changes caused by the impact of COVID19. Whether all services will resume but the mindsets of people will take time to get in normal situations. And this will affect their behavior, decisions, and daily activities. They will prefer self-catering accommodations over other types of accommodation. This is why the accommodation industry is planning to use the self-catering accommodation services in the aftermath of COVID19.


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